"...roots harmony with a touch of irony...."

From the earliest planting of a lyrical seed, Jennifer's songs have developed into full blown affairs with layers of sound and emotion. Her music is heartfelt and meant to help each of us connect with ourselves.

Jennifer has been surrounded by music from an early age. She was born in Victoria, British Columbia but raised by folk-dancing parents in Kenya, Iran and Malaysia. Jennifer learned early on that we are all citizens of the world; her musical influences span from Yiddish folk songs, and British folk to good old country music.

Jennifer Louise Taylor presented her debut album, Love Heals in March 2007.
With musical support from with (in) Good Company (members of Barley Wik, Dawn Madu, Aimee Gentile, Louise Taylor, Kachina Teixeira, Giselle Ruemke, and Trina Swift,) Love Heals is a multi-instrumental musical journey of harmonic joy.

Two songs she has co-authored (Sixty Days and Beyond the Down) appear on Barley Wik's latest CD, Beyond the Down.

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